This site exists to publicize the environmental initiative known as GreenFriends. GreenFriends seek to promote the indissoluble link between humanity and Nature (which is also our own nature). As Amma’s ashram puts it:-

it is our dharma to take care of Nature because of the simple reason that she is in fact our true mother. GreenFriends feel this understanding to be essential in re-establishing the lost harmony between man and Nature, as well as between fellow human beings. For only when we realize that Mother Nature is our real mother will we treat all the plants, animals and other human beings lovingly as our brothers and sisters.

Here you can find:-

what Amma teaches about Nature;

a calendar of events;

what activities you can take part in individually or with a group;

what resources are available in the form of books, films etc.

Amma in London! See the calendar

If you are looking for the official Amma UK site it’s here. And the GreenFriends UK blog is here.

Latest articles

Food Waste Action Week 2023

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This week, from March 6th to the 12th, is sponsored by the charity WRAP, known for their slogan: Love Food Hate Waste. This year’s theme is Win. Don’t Bin. What are you going... READ MORE

The Miyawaki Method – Mini-Forests

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This film “outlines forest expert Dr. Akira Miyawaki’s disaster prevention plan to create authentic, self-sustaining tide embankment forests that will survive even stronger tsunamis and protect lives. Through interviews with Dr. Miyawaki and... READ MORE

Gardens around the world

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Monty Don’s series on gardens around the world begins with a fascinating episode on chinampas, the ‘floating gardens’ of Mexico City which go back to the Aztecs, and features the ‘organoponicos‘ (kitchen gardens)... READ MORE

‘Walking forest’ in Leeuwarden

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Since May, volunteers have been transporting the native trees planted in wooden containers along a 3.5km stretch through the centre of the northern Dutch city of Leeuwarden, giving people an opportunity to experience... READ MORE

Turning waste into wealth

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Practical Action’s work in Faridpur: it starts with making waste workers safe, healthy and respected, working in communes; changing attitudes across the city; making compost and vermiculture compost (from worms); and processing PET... READ MORE