from Matruvani:-

“Amma Dedicates ‘Green Year’

June 5th 2009 – June 5th 2010

Amma has been encouraging everyone to serve Nature through activities such as planting trees, starting vegetable gardens, and walking instead of driving whenever we can.  We can thus be in harmony with the oneness that pervades all of Creation, thereby restoring the lost balance of Nature.

Amma has dedicated the coming year – June 5th (World Environment Day) this year to June 5th next year – as ‘Green Year.’

All efforts that benefit the environment will be redoubled.  Thousands of trees will be planted in the more than 25 countries where Amma’s GreenFriends units are already active.  Organic gardens will be sprouting all over the world, since Amma has highlighted the importance of taking responsibility for our food production.  Recycling centres for waste management will be organized in all of Amma’s schools and spiritual centres to help lessen the burden of trash on Mother Earth.  Composting workshops are planned so that we can learn and practise the simple technique of turning food waste into organic soil for gardens.  Learning how to conserve energy and water in all our daily activities will help reduce the carbon pollution in the atmosphere; the less carbon, the less global warming.

Amma uses the water she washes her hands with to water plants.  Whenever we wash a plate or cup, we can be aware of how much water we are using and try to reduce it to the minimum.  If we see a water tap dripping or running, we can take a moment to turn it off.  If we see that a light has been left on unnecessarily, we can turn it off.  Using less plastic is another way to stop the destruction of Nature.  Using cloth bags for shopping can save billions of plastic bags.

If there isn’t already a GreenFriends group in your area, start one!  If you haven’t been active in GreenFriends, now is the time to get involved.  We all need to do our part.”

Amma’s Green Year has now ended.  What has been achieved?

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