Composting is one of the main ways in which Nature renews herself.  In Nature there is no such thing as waste; what we call waste is nothing more than our own misunderstanding.  The grass clippings, pruned twigs, kitchen waste and even human waste: all are capable of being transformed into productive soil, nourishing plants, animals and men.

For gardeners, compost is the main way in which they improve the soil and encourage plants to thrive.

As a trainee Master Composter (doing this work for Oxfordshire County Council), I can advise people on the different ways in which you can compost your own food waste.  The authorities see this as a way to reduce costs, by diverting household waste away from landfill, but my motivation is much simpler: composting is a good way to relate to Nature.  As a compost heap heats up, settles down and turns into soil in front of your eyes, you are watching nothing less than a miracle!

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