“You don’t need a big backyard to grow your own organic vegetables — anyone with a windowsill can have an organic garden. When you start your own windowsill garden, your health benefits, you take a step towards greater self-reliance, and you get a front-row seat to witness the marvel of life. Growing your own organic vegetables is one of the most satisfying things you can do.”


amma 3

  Amma handing out seed

Sheffield allotment

For the last three years Kaivalya and Richard have been writing about their allotment on the Green Friends website, they have documented their ups and downs, their failures and their joys. With anecdotes of weather, “pog” the pigeon and many slugs the articles make fascinating reading. Magically weaved in are beautiful Amma quotations and observations on local nature and wild life. They intend to feed themselves as much as possible from their allotment, and are  very encouraging of others in their first attempts at gardening! Very active in GreenFriends they have stopped writing their updates, they are presently organising Friends Of Amma to grow vegetables to make a chemical free vegetarian dish for the London programme  later in the year.   Her is an example of their posting, please do browse their  archives.


One of the most amazing things that has happened is success with our cauliflower plants. We seeded them up last year and planted them out June last year knowing nothing much about them really but having space on the one of the beds. They survived this winter and appeared to be doing very little, so we pulled up the smaller plants earlier this year. Then on Friday we were looking at them, and realised that nestled in all the bedraggled greenery were cauliflowers. Proper sized ones!!!!!! AWESOME!! Here is one of them!

Sheffield allotments http://wp.me/Ps4J2-QM