The Miyawaki Method – Mini-Forests

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This film “outlines forest expert Dr. Akira Miyawaki’s disaster prevention plan to create authentic, self-sustaining tide embankment forests that will survive even stronger tsunamis and protect lives. Through interviews with Dr. Miyawaki and simple animations, the video demonstrates the problems … Continued

‘Walking forest’ in Leeuwarden

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Since May, volunteers have been transporting the native trees planted in wooden containers along a 3.5km stretch through the centre of the northern Dutch city of Leeuwarden, giving people an opportunity to experience an alternative, greener future. “We are a … Continued

Stop Poison Poultry

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The Soil Association tells us that “not one of the ten leading UK supermarkets monitor toxic pesticides in their soya supply chain.” This means that supermarket chickens sold this year may import over a million tonnes of toxic soya as … Continued