Food waste? Not in Denmark

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Learn from Selina Juul, who came from Russia to Denmark and has introduced simple solutions to reduce food waste there by staggering amounts: 25% in five years.  Supermarkets can help, and so can consumers. So become a one-person waste reducer!

Power in our hands

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John-Paul Flintoff is the author of How to change the world, which is published in 16 languages. He was once an associate editor on The Financial Times but now works as a performer, artist and campaigner, devoting himself to changing … Continued

CityTree works like a forest

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The “CityTree” has the same environmental impact of up to 275 normal urban trees. Using moss cultures that have large surface leaf areas, it captures and filters toxic pollutants from the air. Thank you to Pacific Northwest GreenFriends for this … Continued

A voyage round Jupiter

posted in: Jupiter, Nature | 0 Since NASA’s Juno probe entered Jupiter’s orbit a year ago, it’s been sending back high-resolution images of the solar system’s biggest planet. When NASA released the latest batch of images, last month, German mathematician Gerald Eichstaedt got to work, … Continued