Have you cottoned on yet?

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The Soil Association writes that:- Cotton is killing the farmers who grow it Cotton is increasingly controlled by GM companies (up to 95% of all the cotton grown in India) Our clothes don’t have to have hazardous synthetic pesticides Most … Continued

Climate changes

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On top of the threat to bees, which causes them to lose their sense of direction, comes news from Radio 4 that migrating birds are falling out of the sky on their way to Britain, owing to extreme weather conditions. … Continued

Microwaves and bees

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Are microwaves from mobile phones responsible for Colony Collapse Disorder (CCD), the name given to the collapse of bee colonies? See Safe Land for Bees, Paul Doyon What do you think?

Dangerous chemicals in fast foods

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From WDDTY:- “It’s not just the junk in fast food that is bad for you – you are also eating the dangerous chemicals that are lining the wrappers, too. PAPs (polyfluoroalkyl phosphate esters), which are used as a non-sticking and … Continued