In search of “the modern,” don’t forget the “old” truths

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From Amma’s Onam message:-

Vasudhaiva Kutumbakam is the Indian concept that the whole world is one family. The celebration of Onam is closely aligned with this truth. The earth and the sky, the flowers, birds and animals—all of Nature comes together as one family and participates in this celebration.

What is special about a family? Each member of a family supports and protects all the other members. The entire world is sustained through mutual dependency and nourishment. Just look at Nature. Flowers and fruits grow on plants and trees. Bees make honey. Do they make it only for themselves? No. It is also consumed by birds and other animals. Similarly, trees produce life-sustaining oxygen. In return, birds and animals help the trees and plants to germinate and grow. In this way, all of Nature carries the message of mutual assistance, sharing and cooperation. Our ancestors, who lived in harmony with Nature, were the same. Even as they protected their harvest, they left some behind for the birds. They did not destroy all the pests and upset the harmony of Nature like we do today. All they did was control the pests. Today, environmental protection remains only in our discussions. We rarely put it into practice.

Our life should not be just for ourselves. It should also be for the society and Nature surrounding us. Human beings are a higher form of creation; we should see it as our duty to protect the creatures that are weaker than us.

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