Viaduct to garden in Manchester

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We’re working with the city of Manchester to breathe new life into this Victorian viaduct, transforming it into an urban park created by and for the benefit of local people.

The National Trust is working on a disused viaduct to make it into a garden for visitors, complete with a path from one end to the other.

The vision is to transform Castlefield Viaduct into a free-to-access park and meeting place for people and nature. It will be a space that respects the listed structure, celebrates the nature, beauty and history of the viaduct, and fits in with existing plans for the city. As well as bringing people closer to nature in the city, it will be a stepping stone to other South Manchester green spaces and attractions on foot or bike. The viaduct will take its place in this vibrant area for cultural and heritage, sitting alongside iconic Manchester venues including the Science and Industry Museum and The Factory.

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