‘Walking forest’ in Leeuwarden

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A thousand trees are touring this Dutch city – click the picture for details

Since May, volunteers have been transporting the native trees planted in wooden containers along a 3.5km stretch through the centre of the northern Dutch city of Leeuwarden, giving people an opportunity to experience an alternative, greener future.

“We are a generation that has almost lost all hope,” says Johan Lakke, a student at the University of Groningen who is helping with the project, which is called Bosk, meaning “forest” in the local Frisian language. “This project gives me hope,” he says. “It shows us that if you’re crazy enough to think outside the box, you can achieve things.”

More tree cover in urban environments means lower land temperatures – a planning feature that is becoming increasingly crucial in a heating world. A study conducted across nearly 300 European cities showed that urban trees can cool the land surface temperature by up to 12C in summer.

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