World Preservation Foundation Conference November 3rd 2010

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World Preservation Foundation Conference November 3rd

from a post to the ammachi newsgroup:-

i informed Amma about Dr Fuhrman’s participation in the “World Preservation Foundation Conference” via one of the swamis; the reply was that this project has Her Blessings !

Dr. Fuhrman will join renowned scientists, members of British Parliament, and high level dignitaries from around the world as they address the need for finding solutions to climate change. He will speak at the World Preservation Foundation Conference held at the House of Parliament, in London on November 3, 2010. Dr. Fuhrman was invited to discuss his remarkable work demonstrating the power of a micronutrient-rich, plant-based diet to prevent and reverse disease, relieving the burden of dietary-related chronic disease overwhelming the modern world. In addition to addressing the main assembly, the conference is offering an extended workshop with Dr. Fuhrman for health leaders from around the globe to get more in-depth information.



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